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I've tasted wine made at a place like yours and, frankly, it was terrible -- thin, with very little on the nose and even less in the mouth.
Wine Fan


By Bloor West Winery
Wine Fan, 
I am sorry to hear that your winemaking results were disappointing. Let's look at why this may have been the case. 
Like almost anything you can buy, there are different levels of quality --- including inexpensive wine kits that produce the type of wine that you describe -- thin and tasteless.  You cannot purchase these at Bloor West Winery! 
Our range of on-premise wines starts in the middle and our best selling SKU's are near the top of the quality pyramid. This is because that is where consumers in our market area find the value they are looking for -- quality wine at a reasonable price compared to the wines they purchase from the LCBO (which is just down the street). 
As you've been disappointed in the past, I invite you to visit Bloor West Winery and to start a selection of wine with us. Before you decide, we will chat about the wines you like and the prices you pay for them -- and we will match you with a wine that will satisfy your expectations.
Based on your comments, you are looking for the same type of wines that most of our customers choose, in the $188 - $218 price range for 23L (or approx. 30 750mL bottles).  More expensive that the cheap offerings for sure... but worth every penny!