The Best Wine Making Experience in Toronto – Continued

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The Best Wine Making Experience in Toronto – Continued

The wine after three months still is a bit young in nature, but after several minutes of venting the flavour is rich, full bodied, and was not super dry like some store bought Amarone I have had in the past. The taste also surpasses local Ontario wine I have had, as I have gone to several wine tastings. I wouldn't say it surpasses some VQAs at this stage, but it is very enjoyable with a meal or on its own socially.


The colour of the wine, as pictured above, is very dark, but is clear with no left over sediments. This was a very pleasant surprise as I thought it would have been light like it was during the fermentation and bottling process.


My favourite aspect of this wine is the after taste, as the bouquet leaves a slight, pleasant reminisce without any sort of dry mouth.

Overall, I would rate this wine 7.5/10 at this stage, as Massi Amarone, several Ripassos, and certain Chiantis still rank at the top of my list. However, when taking the price into consideration, as the ones mentioned retail starting at $25 a bottle and up, this wine is a 9/10 and is definitely something to be proud of to bring to a friend's or relative's occasion.