Limited Edition Syrah from Languedoc, France

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Limited Edition Syrah from Languedoc, France
Recently, we attended a wine/food pairing event featuring the Passport line of limited edition wines, including a Syrah from France. 
We tasted FAT bastard 2014 Syrah, which hails from the same region, as our Syrah which will be released as a limited edition, advance-order wine in December 2016. The wine has the signature peppery bouquet of a Syrah, with raspberry and earthy notes and soft tannins. 
With its peppery notes, this Syrah pairs perfectly with pepper steaks (as shown above). But, there's more... 
Serve with thick homemade burgers with aged cheddar. 
Or, pair with slow cooked lamb or other grilled or roasted red meats. 
Or, pair with a hearty casserole, the "best mid-winter warm-up". 
Or, serve with hard, matured cheeses (It's wine and cheese for dinner). 
Or, pair with 70% dark chocolate.
This France Syrah will be released in mid-December and production will be based exclusively on demand. Thus, reservations are mandatory. A quick call to 416-604-8463.  Cheers!