How long should I wait to consume new wine?

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I am new to wine making and recently made my first batch. I have waited 7 weeks to put it into bottles, but now I would like to know how long I should wait before opening the bottles for consumption.
 Thank you in advance!


By Bloor West Winery
Hi Big Dipper,
Before consuming your new wine, remember that the answer depends on the level of wine that you made -- and whether it is red or white wine.
If you made a "high end" red (i.e. one that took 7-8 weeks to make), we'd recommend that it age for at least 3 months... 6 months or more for a top-end Amarone style.
If you made a 6-week wine, we'd suggest 2 months.
If you made a 4-week wine, it doesn't need much bottle aging at all.
However, you can reduce the amount of aging time by decanting your wine... or running the wine through an aerator... or both.
Hope this helps. Enjoy your wine.