Brazilian wines on sale?

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With a major sporting event set to debut in Brazil today (we cannot use the "O" word, because we have not licensed it), we thought we should celebrate by putting all of our Brazilian-sourced wines on sale.
Problem is, we do not have any!
In fact, Brazil's wine industry might be "emerging," but it is pretty small right now.
According to, Brazil has "roughly 205,000 acres of vineyard. However, only a small proportion (about 10%) of these acres are planted with vitus vinifera vines." (Wine grapes are vitus vinifera.)
At the LCBO, Brazilian wines are truly a needle in a haystack. There's only one, a Sparkling Pinot Noir (Vintages 412536, $15.95).
So, with Brazil as a non-starter, we selected two of our top-selling red wines and two under-appreciated white wines and put them on sale from August 5 - 21 or while supplies last. 
RED WINES (Regular on-premise price, $218 each)
En Primeur Winery Series Pinot Noir (Medium oak, medium body, dry) 
Sometimes called "the white wine that is red", Pinot Noir is lighter in colour, body and tannins that most other red wines. However, it is these very qualities that make Pinot Noir extremely versatile. It pairs nicely with many different types of food. If you only have two red wines in your private cellar, this Pinot Noir should be one of them... 
En Primeur Winery Series Cabernet Sauvignon (Medium oak, full body, dry)  
And, this should be your second! Often called "the king of wines", Cabernet Sauvignon is grown in every wine producing country, even Brazil! Complex and full- bodied, this Cabernet Sauvignon pairs wonderfully with steaks of all types.
Both of these wines are sourced using Australian grapes.
WHITE WINES (Regular on-premise price, $188 each)  
Cru Select Viognier Pinot Gris (Unoaked, medium body, dry)
Now, this one seriously under-appreciated wine (except for those few customers who already love it)! Viognier Pinot Gris is delightfully aromatic and definitely quaffable. It is also quite versatile -- pair with everything from roast turkey to fish cakes. Or enjoy a chilled glass on its own. 
Cru Select Chardonnay (Medium oak, medium body, dry)
Long ago, Chardonnay was the "go to" white wine, although wine drinkers grew tired of it and graduated to Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc and other whites. In fact in the 90's, a movement was born: ABC meant "Anything But Chardonnay."
But, what goes around, comes around... and the wine world is once again looking to Australian-style Chardonnays for a change of pace. As reports, "the steady decline in Chardonnay sales in recent years was arrested in 2015 and sales were up marginally" (so far in 2016).
These 4 wines are on sale -- $10.00 off when made on premise until August 21st (or while supplies last). Make any two on the same invoice during this promotion and save $25.00! Prices include everything except the container -- bring your own bottles or buy a refillable set.
You may reserve your selection(s) with a quick phone call to 416-604-8463. 
Thank you for your business and support!