About Us

A Little Bit About Us

Our job – our passion, really – is helping people enjoy quality wine for much less than they currently pay at the LCBO.

This is not easy, for 3 main reasons.

  1. Some people believe that “consumer made” wines are inferior to commercial wines. While there are many different quality levels in this industry, we do not offer the low-end, all-concentrate products; they are watery and uninteresting.
  2. We take the time to make wine properly – and we want our customers to be informed about the entire process. While we invite customers to “visit” their wine while it is being made, most do not bother; they are more interested in enjoying the finished product!
  3. While most “ferment on premise” businesses are run by hardworking, honest people, there are a few that make untrue claims about price, origin and quality.

Of course, we invite your questions – and we will be pleased to answer all of them.

A brief history of Bloor West Winery:

Opened September 2001 as a Wine Not franchise in Bloor West Village.

Later became an independent business, following the sale of Wine Not Inc., the franchisor.

In 2007 we purchased the assets of Wine Estates and combined the two businesses at our current location: 2869 Bloor Street West (at Prince Edward Drive) in Etobicoke.

We are one of the few “RJS Craft Winemaking Academy” locations in the GTA and a multiple year, top-place winner of the in the Readers’ Choice Awards conducted by the Etobicoke Guardian.